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Selecting the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Style

How you sleep plays a big role in how comfortable you feel on any given mattress. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers all have different needs.

Before you go out and buy the first mattress that catches your eye based on advertising and reviews, there is a HUGE factor to consider here – your sleeping style.

To be honest, everyone sleeps slightly differently. No two people will have the same experience on any given mattress, even if they sleep the same way.  This makes choosing a mattress more difficult when a couple is involved but now there are customized solutions so each person gets the comfort and support they need on their side of the bed.

With that said, there are three main types of sleepers.

Side sleepers 

Side sleepers make up the majority of sleepers out there. They sleep on one or both sides throughout the night, and have a few specific sleeping needs:

  • Weight distribution – Sleeping on your side can create pressure points where the body contacts the mattress most. This is because sleeping on the side causes poor weight distribution compared to other sleep types.

  • Back pain – Side sleeping can cause an odd curve in the spine unless the person helps correct it with the correct mattress and use of supportive pillows

  • Tension – Side sleeping affects the natural curves of the body, creating tremendous tension in the back, shoulders, hips, and even knees. Because of this, side sleepers have their work cut out for them to stay comfortable and avoid injury, and need a mattress to support these efforts

Back sleepers

Next up is back sleepers. Back sleepers tend to distribute weight much better than side sleepers, though sleeping on the back does not support the spines natural curve, which may lead to pain or injury.

Back sleepers should also use pillows to sleep, and most benefit from having one under their knees to help keep that natural curve in the back. An adjustable base can also help with this.

Back sleepers have the most options out there. As weight distribution and pressure points are not an issue, the main thing back sleepers will need to look for is firmness and support. Back sleepers need a medium-firm to firm mattress. Everything else is a matter of preference.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleeping is not recommended. It can lead to serious problems in the spine without proper support and use of pillows. Stomach sleepers are at a much greater risk for spinal injury and chronic pain. Most experts will simply recommend a person find a new sleeping position.

With that said, some people simply have to sleep on their stomach. For these people, the most important thing is to reduce pressure on the spine.

Stomach sleepers will need to make use of pillows to support their lower spine and remove pressure in the area.

The most important thing for stomach sleepers is a very firm mattress. The more firm the better in these cases. The firmness reduces the pressure and buckling in the spine, neck, and shoulders.

For all sleepers

While these basic tips can help certain sleepers find their ideal mattress, the most important factor in choosing a mattress is trying it out in person.  Reviews from other customers are great to find a starting point but everyone’s bodies react differently to mattress materials and support systems.  Give us a call at Mattress Now Savannah to setup your private sleep assessment to find the right mattress for your body and sleep style.

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